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What is DBT?



DBT, stands for dialectical behavior therapy.  It was developed by Marsha Linehan,Ph.D., ABPP at the University of Washington.  It combines traditional Cognitive Behavior Therapy methods with Mindfulness and Acceptance practices to treat emotional and behavior problems and help clients create a more meaningful and fulfilling life or as we like to say, to create "a life worth celebrating."

Clients learn to balance both sides (dialectical), accepting “what is” and working to change it or respond to it differently, while working toward their therapeutic goals.  DBT teaches practical skills for clients to use in difficult interpersonal situations, problems in everyday living, and especially in moments of crisis.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is empirically based, highly researched and effective in treating individuals who self-harm, have suicidal thoughts, as well as individuals who struggle with long-standing depression, anxiety, or anger issues.  Individuals who experience frequent mood swings or impulsive behaviors can also benefit from DBT. These are truly "life skills" for everyone wanting to improve the quality of their life.


DBT Skills can help with:

Dysregulation of emotions
- Emotions out of control or unidentified
- Anger, fear, anxiety, depression, despair out of control

Dysregulation of thinking
- Assumptions out of control
- Worries out of control
- Memories out of control
- Jumping to conclusions

Dysregulation of behavior
- Actions out of control
- Doing things you regret or are ashamed of
- Saying things you regret or are ashamed of
- Doing things that don't work or make things worse

Dysregulation of relationships
- Unstable relationships
- Love-hate relationships
- Fears of abandonment
- Loneliness
- Feeling abused or misunderstood by others

Dysregulation of self-image
- Feeling empty inside
- Trouble with self-esteem




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